Mild Tech Project

Application of microwave vacuum dryer:
The unique mechanism of microwave make the material heated inside and outside at the same time.Vacuum,in other word in a negative pressure,
the material can be dried in a low temperature.This makes the material being heated evenly,maintain its original colour,
and the material composition don’t be changed.
All in all, microwave vacuum drying equipment effectively guarantees the quality of raw materials.
Features of this dryer:
Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine makes use of both the microwave technology and the vacuum technology.
It has many advanced features than the traditional drying ways!
(1)Heating evenly
Regardless of how each part of the object shape, microwave heating can make objects in the list at the same time even penetrate 
electromagnetic waves and generate heat. 
So it heats evenly,coke endogenous phenomenon will not occur.
(2)Energy-saving and highly-efficient
Since the material containing water is easy to absorb the microwave to generate heat,so it is efficient and energy-saving. 
It can save energy over 1\3 compared with infrared heating.
(3)Low temperature, good quality, mould proof, moth-proofing, sterilisation and preservation.
Due to the microwave vacuum heating,Microwave Vacuum Dryer can sterilise,prevent mould and dry at low temperature.
This will make the materials keep its colour,taste and avoid be oxidation!
(4)Safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.
Because the microwave energy is in metal heating indoor and wave guide, there is no microwave leakage.